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SmartThings team was founded in 2020. The main direction is the development of highly loaded web services and direction of intelligent collection and analysis of large amounts of data. Today there are about 20 people in the company.


Importing and processing open data in xml, json, csv

Project with information about all legal entities with the integration of 8 government data sources with different formats and ways of providing data. Work with poorly structured data. Working with Big Data. Correction of errors in the input data.

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Whoever claimed that PHP is a slow language has clearly not experienced the remarkable performance of our company's designed Stream API service, powered by Laravel Octane. Over the past 30 days alone, this service has impressively handled more than 3,619,545,373 requests!

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Transaction accounting service from counting machines with the deep analytics

Designing interaction with counting machines on both sides: server and machine. Integration over the HTTPS protocol with low-level devices. Building analytical reports with a large number of filters. Implementation of flexible permissions management with over 7 roles. Development of a secured strategy of requests processing to block illegitimate requests from counting machines.

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Deep payment systems integration

Development of preventive strategies for blocking a payment account. Development of an additional antifraud system on top of the payment service. Difficult and non- default payment flow development and support.

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